... in the beginning
... early years
... senior school days
... Girl Guides
... teenage friends
... the world of work
... getting married
... the Sheffield years
... on to Hertfordshire
... a change of direction
... so where are we now
... other trivial info


A change of direction...

In May 1993, I completely changed direction. I left behind a life-time in insurance and trained to become a Clinique Consultant. (I shared a desk at the back of the training room with a lovely lady from the Channel Isles, and a man who had moved over from Estée Lauder and was about to open Clinique in Hungary.) After basic training I worked in Debenhams at Bedford. My first counter manager was Fiona Duncan. Later, Christina ? became counter manager. My colleague at Debenhams was Linda Whishaw. Other important names from Clinique were Carole Caine, Jackie Wilson, Alison Ward and Leslie Garcia.

After 15 months, I moved to the Estée Lauder counter at John Lewis, Welwyn Garden City.

Then in March ’95 — back to Clinique as an Associate. I continued as an Associate until May 2011. I’ve met many, many people during my time with Clinique and Lauder. Too many to mention, but —

Have you worked for Clinique or Lauder in the south east recently (especially since 1993)? Perhaps we’ve done some training together. Perhaps you worked at Debenhams Bedford or John Lewis Welwyn Garden City? If so, please e-mail me at sandramidgley1@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you.