... in the beginning
... early years
... senior school days
... Girl Guides
... teenage friends
... the world of work
... getting married
... the Sheffield years
... on to Hertfordshire
... a change of direction
... so where are we now
... other trivial info



  • 1947 - November: I am born.

  • 1952 - I start Shire Oak School in September.

  • 1959 - I finish at Shire Oak in June, and start at Lawnswood in September.

  • 1963 - I finish school and start work at George Bray’s in December.

  • 1964 - I leave Bray's and start at Owen Jepson’s.

  • 1965 - Trevor and I get engaged on the 15th December.

  • 1968 - I leave Jepsons and start at the Midland Bank.

  • 1969 - In January I leave the Midland Bank and start at the Tao Clinic. In April, I leave the Tao and start work at Pearl Assurance. In October, I get married.

  • 1970 - I leave Pearl Assurance in January and start at National Motor.

  • 1973 - I leave National Motor in February and start work at Fenchurch Group. I stay there until November, then move to Zurich Insurance.

  • 1975 - December: I leave Leeds to live in Dronfield, Derbyshire (near Sheffield,) but still travel to Leeds to work for a year.

  • 1976 - I leave Zurich in Leeds in December, and start work at Lloyds and Scottish Finance, Sheffield.

  • 1980 - In April I move from Derbyshire to Hertfordshire. I start work at Pegasus in the City in May.

  • 1981 - I leave Pegasus in February, and start work at Federated Insurance, Stevenage.

  • 1984 - I am made redundant from Federated (now Allstate) in November.

  • 1985 - I begin work at Minster Insurance in New Barnet in January. I leave in August, and move to A.G.L. Associates, Stevenage.

  • 1993 - I leave A.G.L. and join Clinique as a Consultant. I do Basic Training in London in July ’93. I work in Debenhams, Bedford.

  • 1994 - Our Silver Wedding Anniversary comes around and we go to Hawaii. I leave Clinique and Debenhams in October and re-train as a Beauty Advisor for Estée Lauder. I join John Lewis, Welwyn Garden City.

  • 1995 - I leave Estée Lauder in February. I re-join Clinique as an Associate.

  • 1996 - My year as an Associate comes to an end and I am unemployed for a few weeks. I start with Hill House Hammond in May. Trevor retires from the Halifax on the 31st May. I re-join Clinique as a Saturday Associate in August.

  • 1999 - Our thirtieth wedding anniversary comes by.

  • 2000 - My web-site is posted in August. In September, my father dies.

  • 2001 – after 37½ years, I finally finish office work in May. I am retired, but still do odd days for Clinique.

  • 2002 - I launch The Lawnswood High School Alumnae website on 21st March. It is a website for the Old Girls of my school.

  • 2011 - I finally retire from Clinique. I am no longer working at all.

  • 2012 - After 32 years we leave Hertfordshire and move to Norfolk. In July my Mother dies.