... in the beginning
... early years
... senior school days
... Girl Guides
... teenage friends
... the world of work
... getting married
... the Sheffield years
... on to Hertfordshire
... a change of direction
... so where are we now
... other trivial info


So where are we now...

In February 2012 we moved to Norfolk. I’m still married to Trevor (aka Beau, aka John Trevor, etc.) My Dad died in September 2000 - my Mum died in July 2012. My brother has been married, divorced and re-married.

In May 1996 I went back to insurance at Hill House Hammond Commercial in Stevenage. I made many friends there – Tony Harris, Kath Harris, Kay Watson, Gemma Hall, Carley Beech, Victoria Hollingsworth, Kelly Furness, Frances Smith, Donna O’Dell, Martin Chappell, Brent Winn, James MacKrill, Dave Benson, Dave White, Dave Brown, Graham Peskett, Mukesh Amin, Brian Russell, Sue Erskine and Mick McCann.

On the 31st May 1996, Trevor took early retirement. Since then he has been extremely busy working from home. He has had a book published and is involved in several other projects. (Click here to see his website).

I finally gave up office work altogether on 31st May 2001. I continued to work as an Associate for Clinique until May 2011.

We are lucky that we have been able to travel abroad pretty regularly during the last twenty-odd years, and have been to many so-called ‘long-haul’ destinations. Most of our trips have been to America — we have travelled extensively in the USA. At various times we have also been to Amsterdam, Moscow, France, Yugoslavia, Berlin, Athens, Rome, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Spain, Nepal, India, Italy, Jersey, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Ireland, Java, Bali, Belgium, Turkey, Monaco, Cuba, Canada, Gibraltar, New Zealand, Helsinki and Tallinn (Estonia), Hamburg, Edinburgh, right across Canada by train, Alaska, Krakow and Japan (by coach) and Dubrovnic (Croatia). (Phew!)

Perhaps you met us on holiday? Perhaps we shared a meal together somewhere in the world.

Do you think you have come across us in America, Europe, Asia or the Far East? If so, please get in touch. I have the dates of all our trips abroad. The e-mail address is sandramidgley1@gmail.com