... in the beginning
... early years
... senior school days
... Girl Guides
... teenage friends
... the world of work
... getting married
... the Sheffield years
... on to Hertfordshire
... a change of direction
... so where are we now
... other trivial info


Senior school days...

Eventually, I sat my eleven-plus, and in September 1959 I moved to Lawnswood High School at West Park, Leeds. During my first year, the headmistress was Miss Holden, but she retired and was replaced by Miss Hilda Longworth.

I can’t remember the names of all of the teachers, but ones that do come to mind are Miss Gill (biology), Miss Lucas (art), Miss Walker (physics), Miss Clayton (music), Miss Gothard (geography), Mrs. Speakman (English), Miss Donovan (English), Mrs. Yewdell (R.I.), Miss Kelsey (French), Miss Heap (Domestic Science), Miss Goodall (P.E. and hygiene), and Mrs. White (Latin). Our swimming teacher was Mrs. Johnson (the same Mrs. Johnson who had been the games mistress at my earlier school). The school secretary was Miss Elaine Austin.

The other big memory from Lawnswood is of the ice cream van that parked at the school gates every day, and Malcolm the ice cream man. (My usual order was a Ninety-Nine with bug juice.)

I remember many of my school friends, but since first writing this site I have made contact with several girls who started at Lawnswood with me in September ’59. In fact, there is now a Lawnswood High School Alumnae Website at www.lawnswoodhighschool.com.

Thanks to the efforts of the other girls from my year, I have been able to identify almost everyone who started at Lawnswood on the same day as me. They are —

Catherine Adamson, Susan Airey, Susan Allen, Lindsey Anderson, Margaret Anderson, Maureen Ashcroft, Janet Atkinson, Anne Baxter, Anne Beardsmore, Judith Bellhouse, Margaret Bone, Linda Boothman, Margaret Bradbrook, Katherine Brady, Marjorie Broadhead, Sandra Brooman, Pamela Browne, Pamela Bryan, Jean Buckley, Anne Burnett, Linda Butterfield, Jeannie Carr, Susan Carroll, Linda Carter, Diane Clarkson, Janet Cocksedge, Margaret Collie, Anne Cowling, Gillian Crossley, Margot Crowson, Jean Crystall, Margaret Curle, Patricia Curtis, Katherine Derbyshire, Andrea Dean, Celia Deighton, Jean Dickinson, Jean Dinsdale, Ruth Dobbs, Jennifer Dobson, Beryl Duxbury, Isabel Eagleton, Margaret Eastwood, Carol Elam, Lynn Elliot, Susan Elsworth, Janet Evans, Jean Featherstone, Kay Fletcher, Janet Flint, Susan Foster, Helen Fraser, Vivien Freear, Diana Gill, Christine Gingell, Jill Gomersall, Ann Greenwood, Margaret Griffin,Lynne Hainsworth, Pat Hainsworth, Pamela Heap, Pamela Herrick, Susan Hesketh, Diane Hewitt, Joan Hindle, Rachel Hoare, Judith Hobson, Kathleen Holdsworth, Judith Hooton, Adrienne Huby, Ann Hutchinson, Anona Jackson, Joyce Latto, Jocelyn Laws, Jane Laycock, Sheila Lindsay, Diane Lock, Jane McConomy, Pauline McCrow, Shiela McManus, Valerie Marshall, Susan Matthews, Pamela Metcalfe, Irene Mitchell, Christine Morrell, Sylvia Morrish, Brenda Park, Margaret (Polly) Peller, Laura Phelan, Rosemary Phillips, Joan Pickles, Christine Pickup, Barbara Platts, Valerie Poole, Jill Preston, Janet Read, Sally Rhodes, Kathleen Robbins, Christine Robinson, Jacqueline Rowe, Wendy Saunders, Janet Saville, Gail Scoffin, Anne Sewell, Gillian Shillitoe, Veronica Skirrow, Molly Slade, Barbara Smith, Josephine Smith, Sally Smith, Elizabeth Stephenson, Jennifer Sugden, Susan Teal, Shirley Teale, Angela Thompson, Catherine Thompson, Susan Thompson, Barbara Thornhill, Maureen Thornton, Patricia Thurston, Joan Townend, Caroline Ursell, Elizabeth Verity, Elizabeth Walker, Jean Wallis, Christine Waterhouse, Carol Waterhouse, Susan Watson, Maureen Whitehead, Lynne Wilson, Valerie Wing, Katherine Wormald, Christine Wright, Ruth Wynne and Skaidrite Ziverts.

Do any of these names jog your memory? Do you have any connection with Lawnswood High School (especially between September ’59 and December ’63)? If so, please please e-mail me at sandramidgley1@gmail.com